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Our approach
is different

At Lehner, Dänekamp & Mayer we prefer to adopt a different philosophy. We believe that it is still possible to deliver quality service without sacrificing efficiency or cost-effective representation. We aim to treat all our clients, whether individuals or business entities, with the same degree of respect for their particular needs and changing requirements. The quality of our service is reflected in our customer satisfaction.

Why we take
the time

When we join forces with our clients, our first priority is to take the time to look into the heart of their individual interests. From this foundation we can help our client in the precipitation of an efficient working solution. We believe that preparing a strong foundation right from the beginning is the precept to developing a comprehensive framework for a long-standing relationship. It gives us the chance to actively participate early on in our client’s legal matters, thus helping to avert the need for costly, time consuming proceedings. This is why we take the time to know what you need first and stand behind you to the end. Your long-term satisfaction is the measure of our success.

instead of confrontation

We believe that conflict management is best served by prevention rather than cure. Whenever possible, we try to stem conflicting situations before they even arise. However, if conflicts have arisen we prefer to explore possible co-operative solutions before rushing into any unnecessary confrontation. Therefore we like to begin by drawing up a comprehensive, long-term model of our clients’ aspirations, allowing us to preempt any difficulties before they arise. We do not restrict our thinking to legal considerations only; rather we consider the whole picture encompassing economic and social issues as well. The aim of our activities is ultimately to put our clients’ interests into effect within a solid legal framework, using modern methods of negotiation and lateral-minded problem-solving.

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