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Compliance advice

Compliance consulting involves conducting compliance audits and the early detection of internal company risks and the implementation of an early warning and risk management system. We work together with other partners in order to offer our clients an automated compliance tool in addition to the strategic and liability components.

This enables the integration of compliance into internal company processes with the following advantages:

  • Actual/target analysis
  • Opportunity/risk analysis
  • Minimization of effort
  • Documentation
  • Relief and release
  • Definition of the internal regulatory framework
  • Avoidance of damage and damage to reputation

In doing so, we rely on the complex consulting and auditing services we developed together with Revidata GmbH in Düsseldorf under the name “Compliance Complex Solution”. This service consists of 4 modules, which can be retrieved individually, but also integrated, depending on the focus of the consulting. The modules combine a legal compliance audit with a forensic data analysis. The results of the compliance audit are incorporated into the so-called Legal Compliance Report, which systematically records any irregularities that have occurred and provides concrete instructions for action. This enables the company to legally record and control company-wide risks from the available data stock of the company with regard to concrete business transactions, thus ensuring efficient internal risk management. The Legal Compliance Report therefore also serves to document and absolve the Executive Board of liability.

We support the following areas in close cooperation with external partners

Finance and Accounting

  • M&A support
  • Process optimizations
  • Documentation 8th EU Directive euro-sox/ BilMoG

Internal Audit and Controls

  • Contract Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Fraud/Forensic Services
  • Anti-Trust-Compliance
  • Anti-Corruption-Compliance
  • Data-Protection-Compliance
  • Internal compliance guidelines

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