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Real Property Law

Purchase and sale, construction or modification, of real property, are complex procedures requiring attention for a large number of various aspects. Economic and rate of return issues play an important role in the property development business. When purchasing from a developer, the laws governing service and works contracts, and residential property, are tightly interlocked. Many aspects are not conclusively solved. We consult, and represent, corporations active in the entire Federal Republic in all questions surrounding real property, whether usage or marketing. We look back onto decades of experience in the field.

Following is a summary of our range of activities:

  • Arrangement of Purchase Contracts and other acquisition contracts
  • Arrangement of Usage Agreements
  • Formulating Developer Contracts
  • Accompanying development projects
  • Representation, and consultation, within the legal relationship Developer / Purchaser
  • Residential Property Law
  • Exercising the rights of the building administration of the condominium owners‘ association

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